Jorge Manrubia

December 26, 2022


Some assorted reflections on my 2022: 

  • I wrote a lot, more than ever. This was my favorite piece. This was my biggest hit. And I’m proud of this series, into which I put quite a bit of effort. I had many interesting conversations with people with shared interests, which I enjoyed a lot. I intend to continue writing for myself in 2023.
  • Finally, after three years of total inactivity, I succeeded at exercising regularly. 
  • I failed at not engaging with junk information in general and worthless dramas in particular. A 180-degree turn here is my only serious new year resolution.
  • I made three years at 37signals. The sensation of being very lucky I had on my first day has only intensified during this time.
  • GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT made my jaw drop multiple times. I look forward to diving into them further next year. 
  • Something I relearn periodically is to listen to gut feelings. Another is to choose carefully where to spend my energy and with whom. Aiming not to forget either in 2023.
  • I have lots of plans for the next year. I won’t probably do most. As long as the few things truly matter to me are there, I think I’ll be fine.

Happy 2023 🥂.

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A programmer who writes about software development and many other topics. I work at 37signals.