James Musson

March 7, 2021

Follow the Leader

One day you may wake up and find you’re a leader.

Or, more accurately, you will realise that you already are a leader and decide to lead more consciously. 

When this happens, your values come into focus. I find myself drawn to task-focused completion: finishing the work is key. But when I’m faced with a good opportunity, the finish line can seem too far away and not worth the effort. 

As a leader this decision instantly projects onto those around you: “If something is too much effort our leader will not support me”.

Spin this the other way. Opportunities and successes build the team as they ride the wave of something gone well. They’ll likely feel empowered to look for opportunities again, because you’ve supported and encouraged their efforts to grow and improve.

The question is, which behaviour will I seek to amplify and encourage in my team?

Either way, they’ll follow the leader.

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