James Musson

April 8, 2021

Rose Tinted

This post has been in draft for almost a week.

Some days I don’t feel like writing anything, or expressing much at all. 

I’d rather stay under the covers, blinking, perhaps, and gazing out of the window, watching the rest of the world live while I stand still. But life doesn’t give such options. The hours still pass, the sun still moves across the sky. Day dawns, and fades again.

English has many metaphors relating sight to understanding. Like perspective. It's all about how you see things. Sometimes we get the insight that seeing the world as another does would shift our perception of things.

If those eyelids were the shutter to my camera
Maybe I would see the world in different light
Athlete, Magical Mistakes

Perhaps, even, I would see things in a more positive light.

I'm told there's research showing that those with an optimistic outlook tend to get better outcomes. This fits with our understanding of the brain's attention systems, sensing patterns which match what we focus on. (Ever noticed how, when you're considering upgrading to a particular type of car, it seems to be everywhere on the road?) 

In terms of outcomes, when I focus on something positive I want, the planning part of my brain looks for opportunities to make that thing happen. And, equally, when I am feeling negative, I notice that which backs up my negative thought patterns.

An argument, if there ever was one, to keep my lenses rose-tinted.

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