Jason Zimdars

August 28, 2021

Prince Martin and the Pirates is here!

The sixth book in the Prince Martin Epic series is now available at Amazon.com and Princemartin.com. We're really proud of this one—it's the longest book yet and has some of my favorite illustrations in the entire series!

My friend Brandon Hale and I have been creating and self-publishing these books since 2017. They're written by Brandon and illustrated by me. I also do the print book layouts and cover design—it's an entirely self-produced operation. 

We make these books because we enjoy creating them but even more because of the wonderful emails and reviews we get—especially those from the parents of reluctant readers who find Brandon's rhyming prose and tales of adventure compelling.

If you there are kids in your life who might like these books—or your own kids—I'd love for you to give them a try. You can find them all over at princemartin.com.

About Jason Zimdars

Product designer at 37signals working on Basecamp, HEY, and ONCE since 2009. Illustrator of It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work and the Prince Martin Epic series. You can find me on X, Instagram, LinkedIn and at jasonzimdars.com.