August 29, 2021

Our Fantasy’s Future

The Aelyria.com website was taken offline a few days ago to undergo urgent and long-delayed repairs, over two years after its ancient forum software was discontinued by the manufacturer and no clear replacement was available. If you’re reading this, it’s because Aelyria - or one of its previous incarnations, Alleria, Juanolia, and the ...
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August 22, 2021

Hello, (Our Shared Make-Believe) World!

On June 2, 1989, my family moved across the State of Florida and in an instant, my world was rocked. As a nine year old now living in Tampa in the middle of the rainy Floridian Summer, I quickly found myself at ‘ground-zero’ - a creative loner who was friendless and forlorn. So, I did something creatively spontaneous: I created a fanta...
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