Kathy Donchak

September 4, 2022



Nothing is for itself, but each thing partaking of the other is living
its greatest possibility, is surpassing itself with vitality and
meaning and is part of the making of a great unity.
— Robert Henri

Just a few weeks ago, the crunch of dried field grasses broke down with every step while high heat and drought conditions hovered like an oppressive dome.

We stopped watering our property after the first full week of one hundred plus degree temperatures, and instead hand watered trees and foundation plants only when needed. The trust that life was still there waiting for the right conditions to be met, was tested with each passing week.

Now, a few days into September, the grasses, clovers, and other native ground covers have created a dense carpet of plants that a few weeks felt all but lost. It is as if someone turned a page in a storybook, and the ground sprang to life again with each drenching rain. 

We exercise our trust in nature's power to rejuvenate itself, when we become its student and caretaker and shift from bystander to patient partner.

Be well,