Kathy Donchak

March 21, 2022

Resistance and Love

I ask


Is poetry possible

At the moment history stirs

Once its steps

Reverberate through every heart?

— From “Can there be poetry after” by
Anastasia Afanasieva, translated by Kevin Vaughn and Maria Khotimsky

My grandfather kept a notebook during World War I. Trained as an engineer, he volunteered to fight. The notebook, I am told, was his way of remembering those who lost their lives while he was spared. A way to document the days, to cope, remember, and honor their existence. By writing them down, he carried them with him always.

The letters and diaries of soldiers, refugees, volunteers, and neighbors are the truest stories of war. They document the struggle for survival of body and soul for the individual and collective identity of a culture. 

The invasion of Ukraine will bring fresh stories of resistance and memories of the love of people and places. We honor them by reading their stories and sharing them wide. 

We celebrate our freedoms by writing our own.

Sunday Letter, March 20, 2022