Kaya Olsen

April 5, 2021


Throughout all her life, Kaya reached for the stars. Today she took the final leap and became a new star in the night sky. A great loss for everyone who knew her, and a great gift too. Her light will be there for many centuries to shine for those who seek guidance.

She lived a long and full life. Colorful, courageous, contagious. She sought peace by facing chaos, and at the end of her life she was as grounded as a tree, as all-embracing as the sky and as agile as the ocean. Nothing could push her off her path. She always was where she was supposed to be and she knew it with unwavering certainty.

Being a sensitive soul, Kaya's childhood was not easy and much of the chaos she later faced was rooted back from when she was a child. She was small, and what she went through did little to make her bigger. But it did give her an inner strength that would carry her through life with a fearlessness that even surprised herself. And it gave her a drive towards ever-increasing freedom that would take her on the crazy adventures that have defined her life.

Vienna was one such adventure and a turning point. She found new footing there and the space to expand. It was possibly the toughest year of her life and possibly also one of the very best. She lost her fear of love and thereby lost her fear of life. The world opened up for her and she finally dived in.

She returned home transformed and began transforming everything and everyone around her. Beginning from Denmark, she expanded and expanded, soon encompassing the whole world in her vision; planting seeds here and there to enable human nature to blossom; opening hearts that had been closed by fear.

Her loving life companion, her strong circle of friends and her deep sense of purpose nourished her and fueled her worked. Gratitude was her guiding principle throughout. Everyone felt it.

Kaya moved mountains, and she showed everyone that they could do so too. Thank you, Kaya, for being part of our lives. You might sometimes have doubted your worth, but we never did.

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How do you wish to be remembered? Happy resurrection festivities ✌️