Ken Chin-Purcell

May 22, 2023

Japan day 7.2: Okochi Sanso Garden

Next to the Bamboo grove is the well tended home and garden of Denjirō Ōkōchi, who was a silent film star. A popular character of his was this one eyed samurai.


Some people when they hit it big like to go to the big city, live the social life. Others like Denjirō buy some serenity, a place overlooking Kyoto.


When those cherry trees in the foreground are in bloom it looks like the far mountains are floating on clouds. Or at least that’s the idea.


There’s a nice tea room to enjoy a small sweet and a bowl of matcha. Be sure to drink the last sip of tea with a loud slurp, to show your gratitude.


At the top of the garden is a dramatic view into this river gorge. There’s a pleasure train that toot toots its way up and down the canyon, and a little further downstream you can rent a rowboat.


Arashiyama may be mobbed in spots, but it has its charms. Denjirō had good taste. 


Here’s a nice display at this place we got soft serve tofu ice cream.