Ken Chin-Purcell

May 26, 2023

Japan day 8.2: Shishi everywhere

One of the rewarding things about this trip has been getting more context to some things were are interested in. For example I really enjoy seeing all the different uses of pottery in Japan, particularly at traditional meals. Here for example is a ryokan breakfast in Takayama:


Nothing fancy pottery wise, but I enjoy the different styles of pots together.

Since Michele has been learning the Edo style Shishi Mai (lion dance) she has been on alert for Shishi, since most regions in Japan have their own Shishi. And she hasn’t been disappointed. In Takayama there was a little Shishi on the ladle that decorated our room door.


The Shishi is in front of one of the giant rolling shrines that are part of Takayama’s big festival.

There was a little Shishi in our Takayama ryokan, in the small alter display in the nook to the left of the TV:


And when we went out for dinner there was a Shishi at the restaurant entrance:


Shishi everywhere! It gives us a better feel for how big a part Shishi plays in any town’s celebrations.