March 5, 2021

Hey World is the new Hello World, amirite?

Anyone else feeling particularly unstuck in time these days?

And here I was just reading this piece about how blogs broke the web. Web 3.0 or whatever version we are on has got to be mostly blogs. Okay I mean mostly porn. Well this blog is gonna be titillating, but for the Ajna and the Sahasrara, not the Svadhishthana.

Today we're going to talk about digital gardens, mine of which this blog is a small subplot. Elsewhere at I plant the woo-woo beans and the metaphysical moonflower bulbs. And at I sow the seeds of a peaceful revolution of ease and connectedness. And Full Smile World isn't quite off the ground, but that will be where the play trees drop their succulent healing fruit. Everybody in Full Smile World is a graduate magna cum laude of the Fail School, where falling down is only the beginning. After the microplastics collapse the world's oceanic ecosystems, we're going to need to remember how to smile, and that may take a visit from the Full Smile Monster, whose shiny, gnashing find us and blind us in that dark night. Currently I'm focused mainly on Somewhere a few years up the line we'll hoe out the rows of Entify and Enthea Design.

Anyway the next big/little project will be publicizing what used to be my Roam graph and what is fast becoming a Foam graph hosted easily on Github Pages as a Jekyll web app, or perhaps a Netlify-hosted Foamy NextJS thingamajig like Yenly made. That'll be at, and I might move to

This was fun, writing an email to the world, to myself, wondering if they are different. Who might relish these silly soliloquys? Who knows? Who am I? Gotta start somewhere.