Joshua Kleinberg

April 5, 2021

Morning Albums

I doubt I’ll ever have a bad day if it starts with I’m wide awake it’s morning. Anyway I’m just about out of the testing phase with this. I like it a LOT as a place to snappily post stuff without thinking too much about it. If I do so on Twitter I’m inevitably cowed by a lame response or something. And I have a tendency to paralysis when I feel caught in an argument. I once spent 7 hours staring at the screen trying to come up with a response to someone. Not a good use of my time. Let’s see if this becomes a wiser way to use it. Time’s the only currency REALLY. Time and attention. Yeah, I think that’s it. I got to have a nice convo this morning on Twitter (they’re very rare). Got to share some resources from Lessons from the Screenplay and Charles Baxter. That’s the good internet. In the LAST nice convo I had on Twitter, someone shared a host of King Lear resources with me. Truly the only enjoyable thing about social media is the sharing of resources. If you have some good ones, please send me at Kleinberg[at]Hey[dot]com ✌️