Joshua Kleinberg

March 29, 2021

Whoa this might be great

Here I am today. Learning to make an ios14 shortcut at 5 am instead of sleeping which was the plan for once. Ah well. The impulse to get sidetracked, I believe, is mainly a useful one. And the reason most art with literary aspirations anymore comes out so forced and uncharged. Most books should have been sat on for longer. One can’t help but think it’s the reduced attentive capacities. At the same time, a relevant artstyle needs to work within the confines the language and viewership is evolving. A book is an artifact down linear time. To proliferate—which one supposes may as WELL be the book’s goal—for as long as earthly possible, it needs to have correctly anticipated some things. All this is to say the book probably ought to be snappy. But the prep still needs to be eons. As ever.