September 21, 2022

Colorful Codes

I need my codes to be colorful. Nothing bothers me more than having a full page of codes having less than three colors. Nothing stood out! See:

There are a few problems here.

1. Comments are the same colors as normal text.
2. Class's color is too close to normal text.
3. Method is the same as normal text.

This is such a drain on eyes. After some digging around. I found the two sources of problems. First is the Kitty Theme I choose: Breath2. Breath2 decided that the normal text color is cyan. And Cyan is the same cyan as the keyword cyan! That cause the comment and another face (which I forgot) to have the same color. Secondly, the problem is the default Kakoune's color scheme is not brave enough.

So I made a custom color scheme. Extended the default one and made sure I use all the default color names. Keeping the names is important to keep Kakoune color works under different Kitty's themes.

Better now. I can finally start working!