September 22, 2022

Photo taking function in non-photo-taking Apps

Here are the Web Apps and Mobile Apps I've built since I left my games dev job, with their relationship to photo taking:

1. ANA: Asset Management enterprise software for Heavy Industry. Taking photos of the machine and its small parts is the major functionality.

2. ZASA (mobile apps) and B4TheDate (web apps): Apps to help household users keep records of expiring food. Using the photo of the food item is 90% more usable than listing the food item name or using a generic icon.

3. WalkK 1.0 demo App: Taking photos of places when users walk around a city. Leaving reviews, and feedback on the walkability from point A to point B.

4. TBA freelance project: A generic framework to build multi-platform enterprise applications. Finally, I was tasked to build a generic component which picks an image or takes a photo with the user's device.

Big or small, photos are becoming the norm for information storage. Humans always prefer visual information. The advance in technology makes storing, transporting and creating photos a trivial job. Slowly, but surely, the kits to develop photo-taking functionality in the software will become as easy as creating a Button or Textbox.

Not yet though.