Matt Langford

March 31, 2021

Changing Password Managers

I’ve been using (and paying for) 1Password for the last few years with very few complaints. In fact, I can honestly say it has only improved over that time. 

The only strike against it is it isn’t a first party app. As well built as it is, it still has its frustrations (at no fault of its own). As such, I decided to migrate to Apple’s built in autofilling keychain features.

The migration wasn’t straightforward, but it also wasn’t overly complicated.

  1. Export from 1Password
  2. Enable Chrome’s very hidden import feature
  3. Import into Chrome
  4. Import into Safari via Chrome

Kind of a circular route to accomplish something that should be much simpler, but it still worked.

The last thing I had to do was find a new 2FA authentication app. While they all suck, I ended up going with Authy. How has no one made a great 2FA app‽ Or am I just not seeing it?

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