Matt Langford

March 29, 2021

Instagram Contemplations

I have two Instagram accounts. One is a personal run-of-the-mill Instagram for real life friends and family. The other is an account dedicated to the world of Everyday Carry (EDC).

Surprisingly, the personal account is my least favorite. I feel obligated to share things (birthdays or other events). I don’t have a lot of followers, and I follow significantly less than that. A large percentage of the people that I do follow have been muted for one reason or another.


My other account is more flexible, more creative, and much more engaging. It’s a definite niche thing, but it’s something I enjoy. I’ve made more friends/contacts through it than I’ve made through my personal account (despite having it for many years longer).


My social media activity, overall, has gone way down over the last couple of years. I no longer have a Facebook account, I tweet less and less, and I’m no where to be found on TikTok or Snapchat, etc. Now I’m considering deactivating/deleting my personal Instagram. 

Maybe I’m just getting old?

36 is less than a month away.