Lawrence Gimenez

March 13, 2021

Philippines Internet Race

With the signing of the new EO No. 127 last week, Philippine's internet race just took up a notch. The EO will "allow the internet service providers to acquire and utilize internet connectivity directly from satellites and other emerging technologies". But the whole process will of course still be regulated by the NTC, you know just to make sure the country who owns the satellite won't be doing any suspicious activities that may be harmful like spying.

Last month, Philippines' Converge ICT had an informal talk with Elon's SpaceX. Also, last week Globe Telecom tapped Curvalux to use their satellite system to help provide low cost high speed internet to remote areas.

I am just very excited for the future of Philippine's internet since it is known to everyone that we have the slowest internet throughout Asia. I just hope politics and bureaucracy won't get in the way.