Andrew Mackross

March 2, 2024

Grinding to version 1 of Inktrail

With my second child 90% done cooking, I find myself scrambling to finish the last 10% of a new product and launch (Inktrail) before he arrives. 

Unfortunately, I, like most of humankind, am a terrible estimator of anything zero to one. And it seems the last 20% will in reality be the last 80%. I’m not sure how I’m surprised by this yet again. 

Alas, I’m feeling a wee bit stretched. But, as the days before sleepless nights rapidly evaporate — several silver linings and  insights have made themselves plain. 

1. I’ve been able to push my perfectionism aside more easily  than  normal. I’ve adopted a truly ruthless (for me) done is better than perfect attitude. 
2. I’ve a renewed gratefulness for my extraordinary wife who, along with carrying our new baby, is doing far more than half the parenting and keeping our house running smoothly. She’s  as responsible for this new product as me.
3. It’s become a good reminder of what bad looks like. I’m ok with doing this for a few more weeks because there is a small window to launch in, and I selfishly love the feeling of launching something new, but after that I’m looking forward to taking back prioritizing my time with family.

More Inktrail details coming soon — until then happy grinding 🫠

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