Andrew Mackross

January 26, 2022

Professionally Known As Andrew “Mackross” Mackenzie-Ross

I get asked about my names very often – so hopefully this might clear things up a little.

I’m professionally known as (PKA) Andrew Mackenzie-Ross, often shortened to Andrew Mackross, or even just Mackross. It’s probably obvious, but Mackross is just the smushed up version of Mackenzie-Ross.

It’s usually pronounced Mac-Ross like Mac & Cheese and Ross & Rachel. However, those that know of its Scottish roots pronounce it McRoss, like if McDonalds did a Friends inspired burger.

So what do I like to be called?

Honestly, I’ll happily answer to Andrew, Andy, Mackenzie, Mackross (either pronunciation), but Mackross, being pretty unique, causes the least confusion in groups.

As for my real name, at least for now, that one happily remains a mystery to the internet :)


P.S. Casual nicknames have included Crackross, Panda, and Mackdaddy. But YMMV on whether I answer.

About Andrew Mackross

Co-founder of HappyCo and Inktrail. I 🥰 close friends and family, taking things from zero to one, and the unbeaten path.