Niklas Merz

March 27, 2021

I wish more problems were like the big boat stuck in the canal

I just found this great post and I must admit I completely agree. Why can't more problems be like this big ship stuck in the Suez Canal? We can all agree on the problem (the ship blocks the canal) and the solution (the ship has to get out). There is no nuance to it.

Unfortunately many of our problems are not as clearly defined as this. The world today faces many issues where the way out is not as obvious and some people even deny these issues exists.

Many of us need to solve problems everyday. Possibly it's even part of our jobs. Many times requirements are not set, people cannot agree on issues and solutions, personal interests and tastes conflict with others and so on. This makes solving these problems hard and costs a lot of energy. But problem solving can be fun and exciting when requirements are pretty clear, people work well together to find a solution and everybody is proud of the outcome.

I experience this very often in software development and now I got the perfect analogy for the kind of work I really enjoy. A big boat is stuck and we need to get it out. Now let's use our experience and tools to do it.