Michael Weiner

April 12, 2021

Genuine appreciation is invaluable (to me)

Compensating individuals (monetarily or otherwise) for what they contribute is important. For me personally, there is a form of payment that is more valuable than anything else: genuine appreciation. Don't get me wrong being compensated monetarily is nice, but in the long-term money can only do so much for my internal well-being.

I find that an important aspect of who I am is needing to feel a sense of purpose and value. Does this mean that I expect my family or friends to pay me when I give them advice or lend a helping hand? Hell no. Does this mean I need someone to tell me they appreciate me or value my thoughts or work three times a day? Not even close. If anything, this would be insulting to me. 

As an employee this "genuine appreciation" might come in the form of a semi-annual review, a text/email/in-person discussion with a co-worker or boss after a particularly difficult week or set of weeks. As a friend it might come in a nice chat to catch up after several months. As a family member it might come even less frequently. Quality over quantity. I know it's cliché, but I mean it. 

It honestly comes down to knowing the people around you and being self-aware enough to take the effort to remind people that you appreciate them and value them. It is also a good reminder that we really don't truly know what other people might have going on in their life. Each of us plays a unique and equally important role in this world, and we should remind each other of that more often. 

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