Michael Weiner

March 18, 2021

Say no.

Saying "No." is hard for me. I like to help people when they ask for it, irrespective to what I might have on my own plate. 
I tend to say "Yes." and "Yes." and "Yes." and "Yes." Then I regret saying "Yes." more than I would have regretted saying "No."
Saying “Yes.” has gotten me into sticky situations. Situations that I could have avoided entirely by just saying “No.” 
So, I started challenging myself to say “No.” to something at least once a week. It could be anything. Completing some extra potion of an assignment for school. Taking on an extra task for work. Agreeing to go out for a meal when I didn’t feel up for it. Anything. 
I found that I felt better. The academic and professional work I finished was of a higher quality. The people around me didn’t get upset when I said “No.” I had set a heathy boundary. Keep in mind, I didn’t say “No.” to everything. I said “No.” to one thing.
I realized that if I was not at my best, I could not best help those that needed it. 
So, I would challenge you to start saying “No.” to one thing a week – even if you don’t hesitate to say ”No.” already. Times are stressful. We all have a lot on our plate. That does not mean we need to kill ourselves to get everything done today. There will be time tomorrow, or next week, or next month. 

Today – focus on saying "No."

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