Michael Weiner

April 8, 2021

Slow down

If anything good were to come from this ongoing global pandemic, I was hoping that it would be that people would slow down. Maybe we (by "we" I mean humanity) wouldn't be in such a rush to get to where we are going or be in such a hurry to get to tomorrow. 

About a year into this whole ordeal, it seems as if the exact opposite has happened. 

On my way out of town for the day, people seemed to be rushing everywhere. People flying by me on the highway. People being aggressive and rude in line to check out from the local grocery store. People emailing me to get my attention for some "emergent" problem that was not close to being emergent or a problem. 

I would bet that you have had similar experiences recently. 

As a society we seem to be more flippant, stressed, and cold than just a year ago. Unsurprisingly. They last year has been extremely difficult, in many ways. What if we would focus on today instead of tomorrow or a year from tomorrow? Does it really matter if we get to the store 3 minutes faster by driving aggressively down the highway? What if we left that email for tomorrow? 

I often wonder how productivity and our overall well being would change if we weren't in a rush to do everything. I don't know. I do know that it is important to take a few minutes for yourself today, and everyday. Slow down. There is no medal for getting to the grocery store 3 minutes faster than normal. 

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