Michael He

June 17, 2021

A Random Poem for Someone

Random things happen
So you meet random people
But you don't want some to be random
Sometimes it happens right there
Other times it takes some time

Nothing is different until a random moment
When you can't stop thinking about that random someone
Now, someone is no longer random to you
Yet you may still be random to them
What a random paradox

You want good things to happen
Yet you are clumsy and mess up big time
Hard to get close, but harder to let go
Don't let it bother you, that's a lie
All you think about is that someone

Yet nothing happens
Just pure avoidance, you don't talk anymore 
No expectation, so there is no pain
What is it other than random chemicals
You turn inward and have even less random encounters

To all your random special people
Call them the random bunch
Some you still talk to
Some you erase from memory
Yet they all made you feel less random about yourself 

They are still random to the universe
Yet they are no longer random to you

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