Michael He

March 19, 2022

Long Substance

Graduation is only a few weeks from now. I should be nervous about what the future holds, but I’m trying my best to stay calm. 

It’s not about whether I have a starting job that pays six figures or not. It’s not about whether I achieve much in my early twenties. These things are cool to have, but not essential. Chasing them may be counterproductive. 

Instead, I want to build. Whether it’s crafts, arts, and more common forms like code, words, and businesses, I want to build. I don’t care too much about the medium. It’s the substance that matters. 

I need to stay alert for the illusion of appearance and the shallowness of how things run in human society such as prestige, credentials, and other forms of “quick” social labels. They exist for a reason, but they don’t help me. 

As long as I build, I should be fine. Maintaining momentum and play the infinite game of life. I shouldn’t be in a hurry. After all, the ancients have already figured it out with make haste slowly.