Michael He

June 5, 2022

Simplicity Wins Credit

I should have listened to the person who told me one credit card is enough. 

Now I have three and hate myself for being so confused all the time. 

When I look at my bank apps, I see how much money I left on the table by using the wrong card. For example, when one card has higher cash back in gas, I instead used the other one because that was my default card. 

If you think about it, there are too many things to track when you juggle multiple credit cards. Payment due date, rewards, network acceptance… 

Credit card is designed to be confusing, at least too much for our attention to handle. For something this ubiquitous in daily life, we cannot make its usage more complicated than the mere minimum. 

Therefore, be simple with credit cards. Get flat cash back or the best travel rewards. In fact, just get a decent card and forget about optimizing. 

The real money comes from saving, not from a higher cash back rate.