Michael He

February 27, 2022

Take That Leap

There are some things that if you don’t it, you will regret it forever. Even if it comes at a great cost, it’s worth doing. 

For two of my four years in college Berkshire Hathaway held their shareholder meetings online. That was not within my control, but this year it is. 

There is simply zero reason not to go. Money is not an excuse. I have made more money based on Buffett and Munger’s wisdom than I ever could. I have acquired a love of learning and common sense from them. And they are getting older by the day. Each year may be the last. Writing that sentence makes my heart ache. 

There is simply no price that’s too expensive for this trip. Classes can wait. I am a senior and almost done with academics. Late April and earlier May have no serious obligation. The only challenges, availability and price, I can circumvent. I will fly to Denver on Thursday, 
rent a car to cross Nebraska, arrive Omaha on Friday, stay till Sunday morning, and then fly back from Denver. 

Driving might be a lot of work, but who cares? I will just listen to audiobooks, past shareholder meetings, and K-pop. I may be tired, but who cares? I will just drink coffee and sleep extra. Even if it fucks up my health for a week, I will have no regrets. If I don’t do this I will regret it for the rest of my life. 

This is the moment of truth for the irreversible decision. I have thought hard about this for years. Now it only takes a moment of conviction. 

Let’s do it.