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Pinned post from October 30, 2021

Tender Lightness

What makes life worth living? Fortunately, some moments are self-evident answers to that question. For example, right now. I'm sitting outside the biology department building, looking at the four-way street intersection. The sun is shining a bit extravagantly but the temperature feels just right. IU's 'Ah Puh' is playing in my ears. I'...
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Pinned post from February 21, 2022

Small Moments Are All We Have

Today wasn’t productive by any account, but it felt wonderful. I read a fascinating story in bed to start the day. Then I walked to Trader Joe's to buy flowers for my friend's recital. After the recital, I walked around campus, spoke with someone I haven't seen for two years, ate some fresh chicken tenders, and started writing this pie...
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Pinned post from March 9, 2022


Min Yoongi (Suga) turned 29 today. I'm just going to write in a stream-of-consciousness style about Yoongi, while listening to all of his produced songs. Holy shit that is a lot of songs! The playlist came out to be 36 songs, around 2 hours. And these are only songs he produced, not written! Essentially, Yoongi produced three albums wo...
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Pinned post from May 19, 2022

People: The Triumph of Happiness

Good music is a painting. You can tell it's good. Great music needs to have a bit more. You know it's good, but you also know there is something you can't quite figure out yet. You get attached to it, think over and over again, until one day you connect the dots and arrive at the epiphany. The truth couldn't be simpler. That is what yo...
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March 8, 2021

Why Kids Hate Writing

Why do people (especially kids) hate writing, and why do people think they can't write well? I know my reasons and they are not restricted to writing. It’s a broader problem. 1. We don't write for ourselves. 2. We don't read. 3. We don't edit. 4. We buy into the bullshit myth of writing. When we write essays in high school English clas...
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March 6, 2021

Why You Should Cherish Senioritis

I love senioritis. Why? Some will ask. You don’t do anything. You just stay lazy and waste time. Sometimes that someone is you. People who judge you without making an effort to understand your perspective often bring you unnecessary misery. We all want to be understood and supported. Unsympathetic judgement is the direct opposite. If p...
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March 4, 2021

Starting Here, Calm and Happy

Hello, World. This may be the eleventh time I start a blog. Please call me a serial entrepreneur, only because I failed all previous attempts. Not bad for a twenty-year-old. I start projects with reflections on past mistakes, since most of my mistakes happen for the same reasons. In the case of maintaining a blog: • The lack of consist...
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