Michael Sliwinski (Nozbe.com)

December 1, 2022

5 things that might boost your productivity. Gratitude, No Office, getting things done… and more

Welcome back to my not-so-regular newsletter. I'm back with a short list of 5 ideas for you to help you get more done. Some obvious, some not so much, here goes:

5 things I recommend you check out this December:

  1. I'm thankful you're still subscribed and I can reach out to you via email. Thanks for being here. And I argue you should practice gratitude every day!
  2. I've resurrected my #NoOffice Podcast and published a great interview with the originator of Getting Things Done, David Allen - it's a short 30-minute conversation that you might enjoy
  3. I've published 10 things you need in your home office and a full home office video walkthrough - with hopefully many great ideas for Christmas 🎄 gifts 🎁 for yourself or your friends.
  4. Speaking of gifts. Why not get something the inner child of you likes? Like a great LEGO set?
  5. How to focus on the positive and look at everything with a glass-half-full mentality? Don't fall for the missing cup holder bias

Back to blogging regularly!

Apart from these 5 things, you might have noticed that I'm getting into the habit of writing almost daily on my blog, so make sure to check out my recent posts - you might find some of them really useful!

Anyway, now let's try to get back to a regular cadence of writing to you and if you have any suggestions, questions or comments what I should cover next, do let me know!

Yours productively,
  • Michael Sliwinski, the founder of Nozbe

P.S. Apart from this Newsletter, I've lately been more active on LinkedIn where I've set up a weekly Newsletter that's different than this one! so make sure to subscribe to both!