Michael Sliwinski (Nozbe.com)

March 4, 2021

This might be my public journal...

I like writing. As the CEO of Nozbe I write a lot. I write content for our marketing pages. I write blog posts. I write scripts and outlines for videos. I write design pitches for our software products (Nozbe Personal and Nozbe Teams). I write all the time.

And I love writing.

Literally my daughter considers this my job description:


And I like journaling. I’ve been doing it for years now, I built an entire workflow for it:


But journaling is personal. It’s private. But some of it isn’t.

So as I’m a Hey paying customer and love this service and I’ve got this new blog platform - I can use this as my public journal :)

Still some of the stuff I’ll share on Twitter or Instagram but a longer tweet will be an email to this blogging platform.

We’ll see how it’s going to turn out. So far I love the simplicity of it.

P.S. Coincidently, my first blog was on “Posterous” which was a platform that you could use in the same way as hey world. You’d simply email your blog posts. Life comes in full circles.

— sent from an iPhone by me, the founder of Nozbe to-do app for teams. Here’s what I’m up to now.