Mike Gyi

November 17, 2022

Sending Block

I've been messing around with Twitter recently as it's going through a mesmerising moment, for good or for bad.

Whilst gaining more confidence to write on there, due to testing out the controversial blue tick, I've noticed that I’d picked up a writing block. That and also finding out that dhh writes so many essays because he has a lot to say, has bags of writing experience, and doesn't fear the send button. He's pushed past the part where you feel vulnerable to share your thoughts with people.

Curious, I headed to my email drafts. I was sure I had written blog posts and then chickened out at the last minute, I'd actually developed a sending block. I'd started to lack confidence and wanted every post to be perfect. Sure enough, yesterday I found 3 long posts waiting to be sent in my email drafts. So I'm going to send them out after this email to you.

[edit: find them here, sent on the same day as this post]

I wrote these 3 draft posts in a flurry of 2021 inspiration, got scared, didn't send them, and stopped writing. That's a real shame because I stopped doing something I enjoy, sharing my thoughts, and then lost the confidence to hit send. 

I read somewhere that no one cares as much about you as you think they do. Everyone has their own shit going on. It's only you in your own little brain world. So care less, just hit send. Let that creativity flow. 

Unless you're shouting hate speech, then I'd strongly advise against hitting that send button. 

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