Mike Gyi

February 3, 2022

Social Purring

I've been back and forth with social media and have finally found the balance that I needed.

Recently, I went duke nukem and muted every single Instagram account apart from accounts like Barcelona Secreta, an excellent source to know what's going on around me in the physical world. So, instead of scrolling, I now put down my phone, and go do fun things with friends.

Also, I constantly visualise this "Needs" tab from the Sims. I've found social media gave me a fake social gratification. It filled my social bar up 150% and I had little energy left for real world interactions.

Only 1 day after muting everyone and deciding to stop posting on Instagram again, I started having richer conversations with all sorts of people. My social curiosity had returned. My social bar had turned to a healthy deficit. I'm now purring on a cool 70%.

I'm 0 or 100mph usually, but this balancing act is working out well for me.

Have you done something similar? Let me know your tips!

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