Joshua Jones

April 5, 2021

Hello (👋 HEY) World

It’s Me Again

Hey, it’s my first blog post. Yep, I’m gonna do this thing again.

Who are you again?

Oh yeah, I’m Joshua Jones. I’m a freelance illustrator, icon-maker, and emoji-crafter who’s been at it for about 20 years. Recently, I’ve been doing Emojipedia’s annual emoji mockups—give them a look!—that help give people a glimpse into what the next official emojis might look like once software vendors implement them into your favorite desktop and mobile operating systems. (Yep, I’ll die on the “emojis” hill as the preferred plural, alongside my “JIFF” brethren.) Now I’m gonna do the infrequent blogpost thing.

I’m using HEY for email now, and I thought, “Why not take advantage of their cool service feature to literally email personal blogposts and have them hosted on a simple page just like this one?” Sure, let’s do that.

Why? I like the total absence of pressure. And yeah, I know that pressure is self-imposed, but still. What I’ve learned about being on the internet for more than twenty years is that I want to write far, far more than I actually do, or honestly ever will. The idea of getting to plan out and organize all the things I think I’ll want to write about—some new book, movie, video game, technology, software, or personal creative project—never ends up happening. But that inexplicable (and extremely dorky) tingle of romanticism around actually planning it all out in some complicated CMS? Hell yeah.

As a brief aside...

This blog stuff reminds me of my childhood addiction to pens and office supplies. Not even the meager grocery store office supply section was safe. If such a shelf presented itself—often strewn with the slimmest of months-old, dust-covered pickings—I wouldn’t be denied yet another pen, or some spiral-bound pocket notepad that would never get written in. One aspect of my childhood was Ziplocs full of pens. Overwhelming myself with tools and ideas is a time-wasting personal flaw I struggle with still.

But it feels good to write, in the same ways it feels good to finish an illustration I’ve been thinking about and planning for days, or posting to Twitter the latest dumb meme I Photoshopped over morning coffee (giggling the whole time). It’s relaxing and feels like a relief, even if the output isn’t particularly important or productive every time.

So what’s this going to be?

What is this, just a long-form version of screaming into the void on Twitter, or what? Sure, I guess. Let’s say anything goes: from personal goings on to praising something I love about the latest video game I’ve been playing. Let’s try it all. No torturing myself with anxiety if I haven’t posted in two months—just me fighting that voice reminding me to not be comfortable with being myself. Just be yourself get on with it. Who cares what anyone else thinks?

As I approach 40 this year, this feels like the 2021 version of “I should start a LiveJournal” (yes, the meme of the cat reading the morning newspaper). I recognize that’s a little amusing, and maybe even a bit exhausting, but I have very few people in my life these days and I think this might be healthy, so why not? It can be a quiet little bulletin board of, “Hey, what’s Josh up to these days?” Sounds good to me.

2021-04-05_Josh & Stewie.jpeg

What’s this business about a newsletter?

As you can see at the bottom of this page, HEY World does allow you to subscribe as you would any regular newsletter, but I don’t plan on using it that way; for me, this is just a quiet blog. There’s an RSS feed you can grab too!

Feel free to sign up to it as a newsletter, but the choice to send posts as newsletters to subscribers is mine alone on a per-post basis, and I can tell you I wouldn’t use that feature more than a handful of times per year, if that. There are no HEY World analytics; you are not being targeted by marketing demons. And let’s be real, there’s probably less than a dozen people reading this at all. If I have a project I really wanna tell folks about (I have a few), I might use it, but rest assured I wouldn’t abuse it.

For now, thanks for visiting if you’ve made it this far. I’ll do this again sometime.