Mojo Tchudi

July 22, 2021

How Karma Works part 3 replay available

Hey Fam,
I'm really enjoying the How Karma Works course over at Diamond Light Tibetan Buddhist Center. We've got a great group of regular attendees, and some interesting discussion in the live classes. We're half-way through the course, so there's still time if you want to join live.

Of course, we're recording the classes, and the replays are posted the same week, so you can get caught up, or revisit the classes later. How Karma Works part 3 is now live on my website, podcast, and YouTube channel.

I hope you enjoy, and I'm always happy to hear what you think if you want to reach out.


About Mojo Tchudi

I’m a clinical mental heath counselor (in training) and holistic health coach with an emphasis on psychedelic integration, religious experiences, and philosophy as a way of life. I bring deep presence, non-judgmental compassionate care, and insightful reflection to my client’s process of healing and self discovery. With almost two decades of experience with traditional healing, esoteric spirituality, and multiple meditation techniques, I bring a diverse range of experiences to share with my clients. Find me at, Mindbloom, and SOS Community Counseling!