Mojo Tchudi

August 5, 2021

How Karma Works part 5 replay now available

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Hey Fam,
I hope you're enjoying the course and getting interesting and useful stuff from it. I'm emphasizing that karma isn't some magical cosmic process—it's just describing causation in a sophisticated articulate way that gives us responsibility for our actions (and thoughts), and the power to change our future by making better choices in the present.

There's one more live class left, on August 10th from 6:30pm – 8pm Pacific time. You can join that class live on Zoom, and get more information on the Diamond Light website. After my course we're lucky to have Tibetan Geshe Tsultrim teaching a course on the Six Perfections, one of the main practices of Mahayana Buddhism—learn more about that at the Diamond Light website, and hope you'll tune in.

Meanwhile, the replay my last class—How Karma Works part 5—is now posted, so you can catch up if you missed the live class.

Please drop me a line through my website, or commenting on social media, and let me know what you think!

About Mojo Tchudi

I’m a clinical mental heath counselor (in training) and holistic health coach with an emphasis on psychedelic integration, religious experiences, and philosophy as a way of life. I bring deep presence, non-judgmental compassionate care, and insightful reflection to my client’s process of healing and self discovery. With almost two decades of experience with traditional healing, esoteric spirituality, and multiple meditation techniques, I bring a diverse range of experiences to share with my clients. Find me at, Mindbloom, and SOS Community Counseling!