Mojo Tchudi

August 12, 2021

How Karma Works part 6 replay now available

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That's a wrap for the How Karma Works course!

Six classes provide a deep dive into the topic. We looked at multiple perspectives on Karma from different Buddhist traditions—Theravada, Mind-Only, and Middle Way schools—as well as techniques (or thought-experiments) for applying karma in your life.

In the last class, we reviewed strategies for applying the principles of karma to the process of awakening (or Buddhahood), as well as some of the worst things one can do to wipe out their store of past good karma—in other words, the dos and don'ts of karmic management.

Here's how to get the replays for the last class:

A big THANK YOU to Diamond Light Tibetan Buddhist Group, who invited me to teach and produced the course. Check out their website to see more courses; coming up next is an extended course on the Six Perfections—the bodhisattva path—taught by Venerable Geshe Tsultrim. Those will be delivered online, but no recordings or class replays... you gotta attend LIVE!

As always, drop me a line to send your feedback or start a conversation. I love hearing from you!

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I’m a clinical mental heath counselor (in training) and holistic health coach with an emphasis on psychedelic integration, religious experiences, and philosophy as a way of life. I bring deep presence, non-judgmental compassionate care, and insightful reflection to my client’s process of healing and self discovery. With almost two decades of experience with traditional healing, esoteric spirituality, and multiple meditation techniques, I bring a diverse range of experiences to share with my clients. Find me at, Mindbloom, and SOS Community Counseling!