Mojo Tchudi

November 10, 2022

Psychedelic Guide & Integration Coach at Mindbloom

I'm now working as a Psychedelic Guide and Integration Coach at Mindbloom, assisting people to navigate their experiences using ketamine over six sessions to help treat mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety. This role includes preparing people to navigate the non-ordinary state of consciousness that ketamine induces and helping them integrate experiences after a session. 

The process is guided by setting an intention prior to the session, reflecting on important questions or things they want to better understand about themselves. During the session, we use the classic psychedelic mantra "trust, let go, be open" to help relax their ordinary ruminating mind and allow thoughts, feelings, images, and memories to flow up from the unconscious. After the session, clients reflect on their experiences and insights, connecting these to their intentions, and exploring patterns of meaning that emerge. To facilitate lasting change, I guide them to set goals and decide on practices to help new aspects of their personality and identity emerge.

I've been working with clients at Mindbloom since November '21, and have helped well over 100 people navigate psychedelic experiences with ketamine. In October '22 I additionally took on the role of Guide Trainer, and I now enjoy mentoring new Guides as they learn how to best serve clients navigating personal transformation.

As a budding mental health counselor — and long-time holistic health coach and educator — this is an exciting development in the field of mental health, and in my career as a future therapist.

About Mojo Tchudi

I’m a clinical mental heath counselor (in training) and holistic health coach with an emphasis on psychedelic integration, religious experiences, and philosophy as a way of life. I bring deep presence, non-judgmental compassionate care, and insightful reflection to my client’s process of healing and self discovery. With almost two decades of experience with traditional healing, esoteric spirituality, and multiple meditation techniques, I bring a diverse range of experiences to share with my clients. Find me at, Mindbloom, and SOS Community Counseling!