February 14, 2023

Conversation between future client (Adarsh) and an AI.COACH designed to improve his health and lifestyle


AI.COACH: Good morning Adarsh. Time to wake up. You have received sufficient dose of REM and deep sleep.

Adarsh: Shut up. I have a long day. I’ll be up in five.

AI.COACH: Hi Adarsh. It’s 3 pm. I detect maximum muscle pliability and oxygen saturation with optimal joint mobility. It’s time to hit the gym.

Adarsh: Shut up AICOACH. AINetflix generated this show just for me. I am going to get through this season and then workout.

AI.COACH: This routine is going very well Adarsh. Would you like to introduce a small pause at the bottom to optimise your squat.

Adarsh: Shut up AICOACH. You don’t know about this horrible meeting I just had. The squat is hard enough.

AI.COACH: Adarsh, this is your third naan. You should consider introducing a larger portion of palak to moderate the energy intake levels in this meal.

Adarsh: Shut up AICOACH, that pause you made me hold on the squat stressed me out and made me hungry.

AI.COACH: This is the third straight day you have not reached your NEAT target. The signals from your interaction with this person are not that positive.

Adarsh: Shut up AICOACH, I know she likes me. I will spend an hour on the treadmill tomorrow.

AI.COACH: Your shopping cart contents are skewing towards processed carbohydrates. Might I recommend a tempeh or cottage cheese to skew the balance towards protein.

Adarsh: Shut up AICart. My grandfather ate like this and so did his.

AI.COACH Thinking/computing to self : 

Should we give them one more generation before merging consciousness to introduce impulse control?


Even if chatGPT, Bard etc. gives us all the answers, information and insight quickly, we still have to understand it and act on it right ?

About Adarsh

- I run a strength and conditioning facility in Chennai, India
- I work with my clients to make training and eating for better body composition a part of everyday life
- I coach online and in-person
- I design and manufacture strength training equipment for use in our strength training facility