January 22, 2023

Decoding milk

3% fat means in 100 grams of milk there is 3 grams or 27 calories of fat.

4.8+3.3+.7=8.8 grams
Let's tally the total of the protein, minerals and carbs in 100 ml
8.8 grams translates into 8.5 % SNF (solids not fat)

100 ml of milk weighs a little more than 100 grams. but the total weight of protein, carbs, and fat tallies up to only 9 - 15 grams. The remaining 85-91 grams are water.
The higher the fat percentage, the more calorie dense the serving. This is not ideal for folks looking for foods with fewest calories in biggest possible serving.

You can make curd, paneer, cheese, butter milk from any variety of milk. The composition of the product will be identical to the milk it is made from not counting added fat. The only thing that changes is the ease of digesting fermented milk products vs unfermented milk products.

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