January 20, 2023

Do you burn more calories when you sweat, train or exist in hotter places like Madras ?

Not really seems to be the answer at the moment. Your body operates at 36-37 degrees centigrade. It spends lots of energy maintaining that temperature. The body spends more energy in colder climes to maintain a higher temperature than it does in warmer climes where the temperature of the environment is closer to the ideal operating temperature of the body. The one thing that does happen in hotter climes is your body loses a lot more salt and fluids to cool itself. You need to replenish this fluid loss. 


Working out in hotter weather does not burn more fat. It just leaves you more dehydrated. Unless someone is paying you a lot of money to lose a lot of fluids in a hurry or your career depends on it (weight class athletes and fighters), aim to train in as comfortable a setting where you can get more work done rather just sweat a whole lot and have little work to show for it.

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