March 8, 2023

Eat like an adult


I ran into this product in Thailand (picture below): 
Meiji High Protein Zero Sucrose Whey Formula Chocolate Flavour 

This was a milk-based beverage that was on almost every 7-11 store shelf I visited. And anyone who has been to Thailand can tell you that there are a lot of 7-11’s there. The same product was on offer from 2-3 companies.

This product contains 65% protein. That would in and of itself be impressive. An egg contains 35% protein. Most cheeses contain 20% protein. They achieve this 65% number using a combination of milk protein, whey protein, skim milk, whole milk, sugar and some flavour. It is food science at its finest. A pint sized serving contained 170 calories. This is 20% less what an identical serving of toned milk would contain. The 28 grams of protein in this product is more than double that of toned milk. 

But what I really love about this product is how little sugar or sweeteners it contains. It contains the bare minimum required for this product to taste good. It will not be a ride down memory lane to your childhood sugar-laden chocolate milkshake. 

It tastes fine. And that is something all adults need to get used to. Eating like an adult means not expecting every little morsel or drop of food you consume to taste like a theme park ride. It does not have to be a treat, dessert, sweet or evoke strong memories. You need to get used to things that taste fine and provide you with a high quality dose of nutrients for your body to function. Only if we behave like adults, will our store shelves reflect our age.

About Adarsh

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