April 14, 2023


There is no perfect diet 

There is no perfect daily eating plan

There is no perfect exercise plan

There most definitely is no perfect amount or type of activity


You eat foods. Unless eating 2000 calories with carefully measured and planned foods is among the top 3 priorities in life, you will most certainly not be able to measure and carefully curate every meal. You may not even be able to eat all the protein, vegetables and essential dietary fat that you need every single day. 

There will be days of the week when you are able to nail it. There are days when that won’t happen. Most days will be something in between and that’s OK. 

If you play this game long enough, you will have many many more good days than bad days. And the good days add up. Like compound interest. Like effective businesses that can make paying customers part with enough cash to profitably deliver goods and services without going hat in hand to a mommy or daddy VC (revolutionary idea).

I digress. By definition, a diet or eating plan or a lifestyle intervention involving food and eating needs to factor for human messiness: 
1. The time it takes to foster new habits 
 2. Time it take for habits to work their way up on the list of daily priorities 

The plan needs to incrementally introduce enough change to make a difference. But not so much that the client throws their hand up and say I give up early in the game.

Instead of fraudulent superfoods, high protein, high fat, high carb, perfect eating, rigid meal plans, think:

Enough protein
Enough vegetables
Enough energy
Enough fibre
Enough carbs
Enough fats 

The idea of just enough can make all the difference. Instead of perfect, think just enough. It can lead to including the right foods, how you shop, change your cooking style in subtle ways and dial down eating out. Think sustainable evolution, not failed revolutions.

About Adarsh

- I run a strength and conditioning facility in Chennai, India
- I work with my clients to make training and eating for better body composition a part of everyday life
- I coach online and in-person
- I design and manufacture strength training equipment for use in our strength training facility