June 18, 2023

Quality of life

Quality of life (QoL) is a concept which aims to capture the well-being, whether of a population or individual, regarding both positive and negative elements within the entirety of their existence at a specific point in time. For example, common facets of QoL include personal health (physical, mental, and spiritual), relationships, education status, work environment, social status, wealth, a sense of security and safety, freedom, autonomy in decision-making, social-belonging and their physical surroundings.

From a book by Dac Teoli 

If that description sounds convoluted, I am with you. But being objective about something nebulous is the only way to quantify the intangible. And only when we quantify, can we compare. Why do we need to compare ? To create aspiration. Like a bigger car might mean joy to us. Or a bigger house. A bigger portfolio. But what is a bigger life ? Or a better life? Or higher quality of life. 

It’s easy to quantify consumption. But quality of life is not something that money can buy. You can pay someone to carry your bag of groceries to you. But the capacity to carry your own bag of groceries has no value unless it means something to you. 

You can pay to have someone teach your kid swimming, math or even use a playpen. But what does it mean to you to be able to personally do it ? 

I can write about the value of muscle, the value of a full squat, the value of push ups. But unless one finds value and meaning in the strength and physical capacity that comes with consistent activity, my recommendations or efforts to convince you on the value of conscious consumption and consistent activity is mostly just me yelling into the internet void. 

‘I’ll know it when I see it’ was a phrase used by a judge in the US to determine why something did not qualify as hard core porn. Quality of life is one such thing. You’ll know it when you live it. But until you do, there is little meaning in any effort to describe it or sell it. You need to see the light to bask in its warmth.

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