March 8, 2023

Shame is good

• We know walks are not enough 

• We know the hitting a buffett twice a week is bad

• Impulsive decisions to order food are seldom measured or healthy 

• Playing soccer or badminton twice a week isn’t enough for our body to maintain bone health and muscle

• Healthier ingredients, unlike smartphones, are neither ubiquitous nor convenient to consume

• We expect habits that are conducive for longevity, health and well being to always be pleasurable, convenient and be spoon-fed to us

• We are shamed, understandably, for alcohol or drug abuse, social media use, trolling, pointless travel, fast fashion, credit card debt, being a spendthrift, gambling and other vices, but gluttony and sloth get a free pass sans shaming

We do all of the above regularly and appealing to reason simply does not cut it for most of us to behave better. Reason is a practiced habit. It needs incentives. We need to exercise it. We need to act on it consistently. Shame and guilt are needed when reason isn’t enough to goad us into action.

About Adarsh

- I run a strength and conditioning facility in Chennai, India
- I work with my clients to make training and eating for better body composition a part of everyday life
- I coach online and in-person
- I design and manufacture strength training equipment for use in our strength training facility