January 22, 2023

The t-bell

The t-bell is a compact and versatile lifting implement. It’s a long 2 inch diameter rod with a hole on top to fit a knurled handle that you hold to lift the t-bell. You remove the handle to load plates on the t-bell.

The t-bell is a terrific tool to teach the deadlift and the squat. You can row it too but there are better tools for that job. Check out the video to see why the t-bell is a unique tool for picking off the floor or holding up for squatting. In a nutshell, the weight is very favourably positioned to use only your hips or both your knees and hips to pick it off the floor. For a squat, it forces you to remain upright and tense.

Unladen it weighs 10 kgs. It has a knurled 25 mm rod that neatly slots into the hole in the t-bell. A slot on the t-bell and key on the rod locks it in place and keeps it from sliding off or moving around.

The t-bell does require a lot more work than most of our other gear. It has three parts:
1. A 50 mm rod that we mill a 25 mm hole in. We cut a smaller slot in this 25 mm hole. This 25 mm hole fits the knurled rod.
2. The bottom disk. The 50 mm rod is welded to a bottom disk that keeps plates in place and let’s the unladen t-bell stand tall.
3. A knurled 25 mm rod that is knurled for better grip. This rod slots into the t-bell.

A single t-bell goes through 15 different steps including milling, welding, slotting and chamfering before it’s ready to go. I am not counting polishing the t-bell.

PS: On a pedantic note, the key is a fourth separate piece that fits in the rod.

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