January 22, 2023

Who’s your daddy ? (Or whatever authority figure you listen to)

Celebrities are people who got rich doing things that are entertaining to watch. It’s not fun to watch a bank manager disperse a home loan after a back end team parses through your statements. It is not fun to watch your car being painstakingly assembled and finished by robots and humans. But it is fun to watch an actor make an impossible gun shot or a sportsperson on a good run.

The problem is we are willing to believe that celebs want to help us own a better car, buy better apartments, be healthier or worse yet feed our kids healthy food. We won’t take a bank manager's advice on the right cheese for our child. We don’t ask our local mechanic for the right omega-3 supplement for our child. Why then do we take the same advice from someone whose claim to fame is the ability to be histrionic on tap or be athletic beyond our wildest dreams?

Celebs are just as disingenuous as the societies they/we/he/her/it comes from. And like most of us, they will say or do anything to make a quick buck selling something. Be it the recent Milk Bikis rukcus, thespians and sportspersons have complicated relationships with con-men, god-men, debt-laden enterprises, tobacco, booze, questionable service offerings, dicey food and sugar-laden soda or just a willingness to back any idea that would make them a buck. 

We the consumer need to understand that the celebrities/influencers/ sportspersons who entertain do not care for our health or well being. Celebs are some combination of smart, funny, intelligent, charismatic, witty, pretty, buff and pleasing to look at. They are also plenty smart as business people. They know their influence and they angle for ownership/power too. We can’t expect them to say no to easy money. But we can shut our wallets tight and do nothing when they smile at us. 

About Adarsh

- I run a strength and conditioning facility in Chennai, India
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