August 6, 2023

Zomato CEO gets roasted for getting healthier

Critiquing a well-paid CEO is a convienient thing to do. And Zomato’s CEO made himself an easy target. But here’s the deal: 

Is it hypocritical when your well-being  is contingent on not using the very product/service you profit from ?

Three quick thoughts :

“We made the iPod for ourselves,” he said, “and when you’re doing something for yourself, or your best friend or family, you’re not going to cheese out.”

Steve Jobs said that. We don’t live in a world where every single person can build a product/service that they would enjoy using themselves. But it would break my heart if my wife, child or friends did not enjoy training at my gym. Conversely, would I want to make or do something that hurts my immediate environment or people that I love? Probably not.

“Normally, when you have a business and you produce something industrial, you have the plant somewhere and it makes a lot of dirt, and poison, and noise, and destroys the environment. You are working there all day, and then in the evening you drive home and you have your pleasant place to stay, with clean air, while poor people have to live with the dirt you are producing. I control my noise, because I am sleeping there, with an open window, every night. “

Gerald Stein 

This quote speaks for itself . No explanation needed. 


“To be a dopeman, boy you must qualify, Don't get high off your own supply.”

This quote is from Scarface. If you are going to create a product/service that is unlikely to be good for anyone using it, it helps to not consume it yourself. This might be the case for 90% of humanity. 

It’s very unlikely that all of us will get to do things for a living that improves quality of life for those around us. There is a price to economic activity. Until then the onus lies on us the consumer. The hard choice to not consume is the only thing that will force the marketplace to serve up better fare.

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