Nick Seferos

July 26, 2021

Replace your tires

Yesterday afternoon, I was getting off the highway when I felt my front passenger side wheel begin to rumble. I instantly knew my tire had finally failed. I had been waiting for it to happen for about a year when I recognized the tire was in bad shape. However, I decided to ignore the problem. I told myself I’d take care of it one day,...
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July 6, 2021

How are you doing today?

My grocery store clerk asked me how I was doing today. I told him how I was really doing - excellent - and asked how he was. The clerk's response never changes. He always says that today has been a pleasant one. His response never changing tells me he is saying something pleasant to move the conversation along or, he is always just ple...
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June 29, 2021

Projects are risky

Several months back, we were debating what types of scales to purchase for our trucks. The two options: conventional pit scales; or inexpensive high efficient weigh-in-motion scales. We ended up going with the old-school scales we have used for years. Even though we needed more of them to handle our traffic and they are more expensive,...
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June 22, 2021

What do I want out of this?

Thinking about intentionality a lot lately. I am thinking about my day looking at the things I do and I wonder why my time disappears. I need to think about what the intended outcome of a task before I do it. Looking at real estate listings: going to put of offer on a house or just wasting time? Trying to build a new software: deploy a...
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June 18, 2021

Don’t do it

When I get fixated on not doing something, I do it more. Like breaking a bad habit or getting up early to exercise. The more I think it’s over, “should I or should I not” and then justify the (bad) decision I make from there. By saying don’t eat that whole bag of potato chips, you’re setting yourself up to eat the whole damn bag. Inste...
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June 15, 2021

Build a door

The vitamins I take have a fact, challenge, or quote of the day printed on them. This morning the quote was from Milton Berle “If an opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”. When I feel stuck or in a rut, it’s often because I’m not building or creating anything. When I’m down or feeling stuck, it’s time to build some doors.
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May 28, 2021

Confidence and Arrogance

Arrogance is telling me how good you are at something, confidence is showing me.
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May 14, 2021

Ships could pipe deck storm water to conveyance and treatment system - kinda like shore power and black water effluent.
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April 23, 2021

Too much TV

I’ve noticed I get depressed when I watch too much tv. It’s consumption not creation and an easy way to distract and disengage from life.
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April 13, 2021

The most dangerous phrase in business

“That’s the way we’ve always done it.” The most dangerous phrase in business. It simbolizes the idea that innovation and development is unimportant. It’s a phrase that says “we’re slowly dying”. It’s not to say that you should always switch to the latest and greatest. A stable and mature core is important, it’s something to lean on and...
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