Nick Seferos

June 18, 2021

Don’t do it

When I get fixated on not doing something, I do it more. Like breaking a bad habit or getting up early to exercise. The more I think it’s over, “should I or should I not” and then justify the (bad) decision I make from there. By saying don’t eat that whole bag of potato chips, you’re setting yourself up to eat the whole damn bag. Instead say what you’re going to do. I’m going to have a handful of chips and then if I’m still hungry have some carrots.

This is even more true with things we seek comfort in, like food. After eating too many chips when you say don’t, you’ve proven a promise to yourself. Then you feel guilty and seek comfort in it more. It’s a viscous cycle.

Instead focus on what you can do instead when trying to make a change. You’ll feel better for it and be more successful in your endeavors.